Diamond Cutter and Importers
29 E. Madison St. suite #1317, Chicago IL 60602 Tel:(312)960-1818 Fax:(312)960-9603

IDOR DIAMONDS Take three brothers from a family with a long history in the diamond business. Give them twenty years cutting their teeth in the world-wide diamond trade. Then mix in a good portion of Chicago sensibility and cool, and result is one of the most innovative diamond wholesale companies in the world.

IDOR Diamonds is family owned in the heart of Chicago's diamond district, and run by three brothers: Idan, Dorian and Ohad. They've been in the business long enough to know what works, and bold enough to change the things that don't.

Like many manufacturers and cutters dealing in fine make diamonds, IDOR carries a significant selection of loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes ranging from 0.05ct-10ct, mainly in better to high quality diamonds. We carry GIA, AGS, and EGL certified diamonds, as well as uncertified stones.

But that's somewhat typical. The goal of IDOR diamonds is to reinvent the efficiency, trust and overall satisfaction we provide to those who do business with us.

So we will fill orders the same day and provide secure shipping overnight worldwide. And we demand much from, and consistently vet our diamond sources. So you know with an unparalleled degree of certainty that the diamonds you buy from us are coming from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, and are compliant with United Nations resolutions. We guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our Mfg. located in Johannesburg, South Africa, Moscow, Russia and in Tel-Aviv, Israel. We care. A lot. Because we know our clients do.

Our goal is to provide our customers the highest priority and exceptional service; to consistently provide our customers with the highest integrity, ethical action, and superior quality diamonds for the lowest prices available in the market. But more importantly, we deliver a friendly and honest service with a special quality: the human touch.

Diamonds will never change. How you buy them and deliver them to your customers can.

Please contact us - we're just a phone call away! We're looking forward to hearing from you, and doing better business.